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December 22, 2012
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Mafiaso! Papa!RomanoXChild! Reader Mafia Princess




I’ve lived in Italy my entire life, secluded deeply in the island of Sicily. I lived with my grandfather, Romulus, whom was the head of the Mafia, and my younger, idiot brother, Feliciano. It was around the age of 18 that I found out that one thing could change my life forever.

We lived in a fairly large house; 18 rooms, 9 bathrooms. The courtyard expanded for acres and we had a 3 large gardens; a flower garden, a garden filled with fruit Trees, and an Herbs and Vegetable garden.  We also had a large 20 foot pool, a horse racetrack, and the best part of it all was that it was next to the ocean, so we had a nice view, and yet, I wasn’t happy.

I loathed living a life in secret. I never saw beyond the thick iron black gates that surrounded our property nor did I see beyond the majestic ocean. I was homeschooled and I was rarely granted the permission to step outside our front door. The only time I heard about the outside world was from a messenger or from the news broadcast grandfather occasionally allowed me to watch with him. I longed to see the outside world.  To take in a breath of fresh air and hear the wind whispering to the trees. I longed to see the wind dancing in the grass, twisting each individual piece to its will. All I wanted was to behold Nature’s beauty as much as my green eye would allow. And soon, my lust to regard nature’s elegance over powered me, and I escaped. I left the property for a night successfully.  

I escaped into a more urban region of Sicily. It was bustling with night activity. The charming little cafés vibrant neon lights attracting tourists and lovers of all ages. I fell a victim for one of them as I walked in, the bell jingling and alerting them of my presence. Several eyes fell upon me, an attractive young man alone at night. I seated myself at one of the tables against the windows. A waiter took my order of Coffee and a Lobster Tail. As I waited for my order, an eye-catching young woman approached me.  She began to chat it up with me. I felt a new feeling in my heart.  She was kind, caring, beautiful, compassionate, and above all she was innocent.

Soon, I found myself escaping night after night to see her. We always met up at the same Café, ordered the same drink and same pastry. We would always sit at the same table and meet up at the same time. After 60 periodic days of meeting with her, I confessed my love to her. I found out the feeling was mutual, and she loved me as well. That night, we slept with each other. It was the best night of my entire life.

Soon, when I met up with her 3 months after sleeping with her, I found out she was pregnant. My blood ran cold. How was I supposed to tell my grandfather I sinned and had sex before marriage? We would both be killed by being tied to a post and shot to death.  

The day arrived when I decided to confess to my grandfather. I bought my love with me as we stood before my grandfather’s head chair. Feliciano stood by the door, Grandfather’s two body guards stood at each side of him, as he sat in his throne chair, his legs folded, and a semi automatic rifle by his side and a cigar hanging out of his mouth. He wore a black and white suit, with a fedora and glasses.  “Ah, Lovino, My grandson; Come, give Nonno a kiss.” He cooed.

I didn’t move from my spot. I didn’t trust these people alone with the love of my life. My grandfather quickly noticed the harden look in my eyes. He stood abruptly and my knees began to shake. He grabbed his cane and walks towards us. I stepped in front of my love and protected her and my child. Grandfather made a circle around us, inspecting us as a lion would to its prey.  He was silent, his golden brown eye studying her. My heart pounded and I could hear my blood racing in my ears. After a couple of minutes of complete silence, one word left my grandfather’s mouth;


My hands reacted before I could process what I was doing, I grabbed grandfather’s gun from his carrier and I began to shoot him, firing endlessly at him. “No! I won’t let you!” I shrieked as I shot him. He collapsed onto the floor once the first two bullets entered his chest, a pool of blood forming around him. I could hear Feliciano and the love of my life screaming in horror. I was to busy killing him to realize it. Finally, once all the bullets were gone, I dropped the gun in horror, realizing I had killed my own grandfather.

“L-Lovino…..” I heard a voice behind me. I turned to see the love of my life, staring at me. Her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. I turned to look at the bodyguards who also looked shocked. My heart raced. What was going to happen now? Would I be killed? Would my family be killed? Who was going to be the head of the mafia?

As it happened, the two bodyguards approached me. They both kneeled before me, their heads bowed. One began to speak “As rules state, the oldest related the boss himself gets to inherit the throne, regardless. All his sins would be forgiven. Lovino Vargas, you are now head of the mafia.”My heart skipped a beat. Was this it? This would be my happily ever

after, now.

I was dead wrong.

After 6 months gone by, my love had gone into labor. She gave birth to our daughter, _______ Vargas. I thought this was the perfect ending. A wife, a child, a good job, and a beautiful house. Only when I was going to wake up my love to show her our new beautiful daughter, her beautiful eyes did not open. As I shook her again, she kept them closed. I panicked as I began to shake her violently, begging for her to open her eyes.  She never opened her eyes.

I held our baby daughter in my arms. The daughter she would never raise with me. The tears streamed down my cheeks.  I would love, protect and cherish this child, the only reminder I had left of the love of my life.  Not only was this child my beloved and only daughter.

She is my sin
So this is the start of my newest series, Mafia Princess. I know it's choppy and short and has terrible details, but the other chapters will be much better.

Hetalia and It's Charatcers (c) Himaruya
Story and Plot (c) *NaruhinaLuvLuvLuv
Any Similarities are purely coincidental.
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WHYYY at the beginning it said the paragraph about a woman and I was like..THE READER IS A BOY? then I scrolled and realized it was lovinos POV.
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Omg the mom must be a Fem!France because I'm part French part Sicilian
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Me too! I'm french and Italian!
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So many feels. So little tears.
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A wave of feels just hit me like a ton of bricks ;A;
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