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December 24, 2012
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Mafiaso!Papa!RomanoXChild!Reader Mafia Princess

Chapter  1  Sinful Thoughts

(A/N You Are currently 7 years old. RPOV means the Readers Point of View)


My (e/c) eyes slowly fluttered open as I awoke into another blissful day. I sat up in my bed, which far too immense for a small child like me, as I rubbed one eye. I yawned and pulled the covers off of me. I looked into the mirror and laughed at my horrid appearance.

My (h/c) hair was a mess, sticking up at random places, and I had eye boogers at each corner of my eyes. Drool had dried onto the corner of my mouth, and my (fav color) silk pajamas were wrinkled. My (s/c) skin glowed vibrantly in my dimly lit room, for only the faintest of light filtering through my windows which were slightly opened.

I frowned at the windows. Not only were they tinted, but they had an iron gate on the outside. Papa said it was for my protection I would understand later in life, but I just find that silly! Why would anyone like to hurt me?!  Hurting people is a bad thing! Above all, people aren’t supposed to hurt princesses! And that is what everyone calls me; A princess. Although they add some strange word before it, Mafia, some people call it a title, others call it an insult, but no one calls me that when Stefani is around.
She’s my protector, and everyone seems to be afraid of her! I find that silly too!

Stefani is a nice person! She’s kind and warm to me! She acts like my Mamá, and fills in the gapping dark hole left in my life by my Mamá. Everyone says Mamá watches over me, but I wonder why she hides from me. Doesn’t she love me?!  When I try talking to Papa about Mamá, he only smiles sadly and says: “She is somewhere better. She loves you, and that’s why she left you that necklace.”  He then motions to the necklace with the little heart and angel charm. The heart charm was my favorite because on one side, it had a picture of Papa and Mamá, and on the other side, Papa said it was my Uncle Feliciano and my Great Grandpa Romulus.

I skipped out my room, only to meet Stefani in the hallway. She bowed to me “Good Morning, ______, Did you have a nice nights worth of sleep?” She asked.

I nodded cheerfully “Yup! I had a dream that Mamá was still here, and that her me and Papa visited that Café you told me they met at! And we all ate Lobster Tails and had Coffee, although I drank Hot Coco since coffee is nasty!” I said making a face. Stefani smiled and ruffled my hair, “Maybe one day, one day.” She smiled gently at me.

I gave her a quick hug before I skipped off to the bathroom, I poked me head out through the slight opening and smiled, “I’m gonna take a quick shower, okay? It won’t be long, I promise~” I sang as I closed the door and stripped myself of my clothes. I started the shower and jumped in, beginning to lather my hair with shampoo.

Once I got out of the shower, I wore a short sleeved, knee length, blue dress that had a white belt at the waist and a floral design around the ends of it. I put on knee length socks, my necklace I inherited from Mamá, and some shiny black shoes. Stefani helped me put my precious (h/c) locks in a high ponytail with a silk ribbon. As Stefani brushed my hair, she hummed a soft melody. I closed my eyes and listened to it. Sometimes, if I think long enough, I can see Mamá singing it to me. It makes me very happy.

Tears escaped my eyes and flowed down my cheeks at the thought of my Mamá. A soft knock at my door catches my attention “Come In,” I barely manage to say.

My papa walked in, dressed in his casual clothes; a white button up shirts rolled up to the elbows, black slacks, a black tie, and black dress shoes.  His dark coffee hair in its usual style; with that single curl sticking out the left side of his head. His Green eyes studied Stefani and me intently. When he noticed the tears that raced down my cheeks, he was by my side instantly. He held me tightly as he sang to me softly the lullaby he always sang to me when I was a baby.

“______, my angel, what is the matter?” He asked me as he pulled away, his eyes that were pure pools of green staring into my own (e/c) eyes.

“Papá, I miss Mamá, why isn’t she here?! I do love Stefani, but I want my Mamá! I know you miss Mamá too, I can sometimes hear you crying at night! Why don’t you ask her to come home?” I sobbed, burying my face into his shoulder as I gripped the soft fabric of his shirt.  

Papá told me that he couldn’t show his tears because of his job, but I was shocked when I saw him crying with me. “Your M-Mamá…she is with the angels, my angel….” He told me, his voice trembling and barely above a whisper.

“Then why isn’t she here with me, if I am your angel!” I retorted.  I could feel my Papá trembling as he struggled to gather himself. I could hear the pieces of both of our hearts shattering.  

“She was taken from us, by god. He needed an angel as beautiful as her.” He said quietly. His grip around me tightened as he spoke softly to me “______, you have to promise me you’ll never leave me. I couldn’t go on with life without you. You are the only thing that keeps me alive, that holds me together, and that gives me motivation to stand up when I’ve been knocked down.”

I hugged Papá tighter as he stood up with me in his arms. He shot a menacing glance at Stefani, silently telling her to never speak of this episode to anyone. She nodded once at him before walking past us and holding the door open for us. We carried me down stairs to the dining room and seated me at my chair where I was quickly served my breakfast. I began to eat my breakfast as Papá poured himself coffee, and then kissed by forehead before saying “I’ll be back,” and leaving upstairs. I sat by myself and ate breakfast all alone. Not like I minded, for Papá constantly had to leave. He told me his job was very important, and he worked at bringing justice and that he helped people out. I’m really proud of my Papá.

I noticed that everyone looked busy, so I got up and went to the kitchen to get myself some Orange Juice. I quickly grabbed one of my cups that was within reach and then proceeded to the fridge, where I pushed aside Papá’s tomato juice and grabbed my Orange Juice. When I closed the fridge door, an open door caught my eyes. My heart pounded in my chest as I was tempted to drop everything and run outside. The open door revealed a path that lead straight to the flower garden.  Papá had told me that sinful thoughts such as these could get me into huge trouble, and that he had first hand experience himself.

My desire to set foot in the outside world conquered me, and I dropped everything, and ran out the door.

I smiled as I ran into the flower garden finally taking in a breath of the open fresh air. I danced around in circles, throwing my arms open as the sun shone down on me. I pranced through a small field of different assortment of flowers as the sun beat down on my skin. I threw myself onto a bed of roses, as I lay down contentedly, breathing heavily. My (e/c) eyes scanned the heavens as I closed them once, finally gaining the experience of setting foot outside my home for the first time in my 7 years of living.

When I open my eyes, I gazed lazily over at the garden filled with fruit trees. I noticed a black blotch in an Orange Tree. When I sat up, I confirmed that it was far too large to be a bird, and far too small to be another tree. I tilted my head as I sat forward; narrowing my eyes until they were just slits to see; the sun that I once enjoyed now an obstacle to my vision.

“________!!!!!!!!! _________!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I could hear my voice being screamed. I looked up to see my Papá screaming at me, from high up in the balcony of his room.  My blood turned to ice and my entire body froze. My (e/c) eyes wide as time seemed to slow down all around me.  The wind gently blew my (h/c) hair gently; I could feel each individual strand being tossed like a rag doll. My entire body trembled with fear as I watched my Papá leap down from his balcony and land gracefully on his feet, strikingly resembling a cat, then racing towards me, his expression scaring the living daylights out of me.

He raced up to me and enveloped me into a hug, hiding me with his arms wrapped tightly around me as he raced back towards the house. He burst into the kitchen door and slammed it shut, locking it behind him. He then set me down on the floor and glared at me. I shrunk away, feeling threatened by only his gaze.

“Why?!” He said, although his voice didn’t sound angry or upset; it sounded more afraid and relieved. “Do you know how scared I was?! They could have come for you! They could have taken you! They could have hurt you!” He practically screamed. Though I wasn’t sad, afraid, nor upset. I was confused! Who were these “they” Papá kept on talking about? Why did they want to take me?

Suddenly, Stefani raced into the room, all the color had drained from her face. She looked spooked. “S-sir! A messenger has spotted a spy from the Braginski clan running from the property!!  We are currently on high alert and an expert suspects a raid tomorrow night.”

“_____.....” Papá’s voice trembled as I looked up at him, my (e/c) eyes wide.

“Yes, Papá?” I reply softly.

“Go into the living room…” his voice sounded grave and crucial. I quickly run into the living room and close the door behind me. I lean against the white door, pressing my ear against it and listening closely to their conversation.

“She has to leave! It is not safe for her hear!”

“No! I won’t lose her….I can’t….not after my beloved….”

“Mr. Lovino, I know it’s hard, but it’s what is best for our Mafia Princess.”

“Don’t call her that!”

“It’s just a nickname!”

“Well I don’t like that bullshit!”

“See?! Your crappy ass attitude is probably one of the reasons Feliciano left when you murdered your grandfather and inherited the Mafia!”

A loud slapping noise echoed through out the house as the kitchen fell silent. Only minutes later did I hear them yelling at each other angrily. I sank down to the floor and hug my knees to my chest, burying my head into my knees and began to cry silently. I knew what was going to happen. It was my entire fault.

My sinful thoughts has bought this all upon us. Now, we would have to pay the price.
Merry Christmas~! This is my Christmas gift from me to all of you!! I stayed up until 4 am typing it so enjoy whatever my half awake mind wrote~!~! Contains some strong language.

Hetalia and it's characters (c) Himaruya
Story and Plot (c) *NaruhinaLuvLuvLuv
Any similarities is purely a coincidence~!
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