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He drops his suitcase by the door
She knows her daddy won't be back anymore
She drags her feet across the floor
Trying hold back daddy, to keep him holding on

Your 6-year old form watched from under the table as your father dropped his bag and put down his suitcase next to the door. You bit your lips, tears streaking across your face.

"How-a many times do I have to tell-a you?  Laura is just-a friend! I didn't have an affair!" Your father yelled. You winced; your father had begun to yell at your mother.

"Shut up Lovino! I don't want your stupid crap!"She yelled back at him.

"Good! I would-a tell you to go to hell but your-a house is a hell!" He yelled even louder. Your mother storms out the room.  You crawl from under your table, your tears continuing to run. You look up at your father, his hazel eyes softened when he saw you.

"Daddy, are you really leaving?" You whisper. He sighed shakily and crouched down so he could see eye to eye with you.

"Mommy is telling me, I did something I didn't do. I love you (name), you're the only
thing that kept me in this hell. But now I have to go," He told you. He kissed the top of your head.

And she says,
"Daddy, Daddy, don't leave
I'll do anything to keep you
Right here with me
Can't you see how much I need you?"

He stood up, heading towards the door, you clutch his leg tightly. He shakes you off and disappeared, slamming the door behind him. You stood up, racing out the door. "Daddy! Please don't leave! I love you! I need you! I'll do anything!" You scream.

He turns to look at you from the backseat of the taxi as it drove away; he blew a single kiss to you. You fall to the floor, tears racing down your cheeks.

Daddy, Daddy, don't leave
Mommy's sayin' things she don't mean
She don't know what she's talkin' about
somebody hear me out!

You feel someone tug you backwards, pulling you into the house. You turn to see your Uncle, Feliciano, staring at you, a look of complete pity on his face.

"He's coming back right? Right Uncle Feli?" You ask him. He looks away, studying the wall. "Why aren't you answering me?!" You screamed. He looked at you, a serious look on his usually cheerful face. He slowly shook his head and turned to walk away.

You fall to the floor, crying your heart out

That Night

Father, listen
Tell him that he's got a home
And he don't have to go
Father, save him
I would do anything in return!

You sat on the side of your bed, the phone pressed to your ear. I rang several times before you heard your father's voice "Hello?" He said.

"Daddy?" You said "Oh daddy, please come home, mommy, today she scared me. She screamed at me, and she hit me. It was really scary. I'll do anything, just please come home," you say, tears welling in your [e/c] eyes.

"(name), did-a you just-a say she hit you?" He asked.
You nodded, "She drank something that's looked like apple juice and I told her if you would ever come, then she hit me," you say. Just then, you mother burst into your room, she grabbed you by your arm and pulled you violently.

"Daddy! Help me!" You cry. Your mother lased at you even more, pulling your hair, screaming, her spit all over your face, blaming everything on you. She pulled you into the air, and kept beating you. You screamed for your father for help.

I'll clean my room
Try hard in school
I'll be good I promise you
Father, Father
I pray to you

After hearing your bone chilling screams, he threw on his jacket and grabbed his keys, racing out of the door, ignoring Antonio's protests. He drove quickly, passing several red lights. He passed an intersection when a car came speeding into view, he screamed as his car swerved, flipping several times, and struck a light post, it fell on top of his car, setting it on fire. He cried, thinking of you. He couldn't leave you in that hell-hold of a home. Not with everything you suffered.

(name) Vargas;

He thought of your beautiful [E/C] eyes, gleaming with happiness when he would come home from work. Your [h/c] hair, it would usually be in two pigtails, with the bow he bought you on your 4th birthday neatly rested on your hair. When you would cry, how you would come to him, shaking and crying. Your school award assemblies.

And he thoughts of the things he would miss, your high school graduation, your wedding, all the award assemblies, your performances, every important milestone in your life. He the distant cry of the sirens in the background, before he closed his eyes.

Now she hasn't slept in weeks
She don't wanna close her eyes
Cause she's scared daddy will leave
They tried just about everything
But it getting harder now, for him to breathe

You sat in the waiting room impatiently, your Uncle Feliciano with you. Tears streaming across your face as you choke down several sobs. You uncle only kept his head lowered, his eyes watering.

"Who is here with Lovino Vargas?" A nurse called. You and your Uncle shot out of your seat and were instantly in front of the nurse.

"We are," Your Uncle said desperately.

"Is Daddy going to be okay?" You ask your eyes bloodshot.

She looked at you, her eyes full of guilt. She took a deep breath before she looked straight at you, a look that frightened you. "We tried everything we could. It will be a miracle if he even makes it another hour," she told you.

You whimpered once, throwing yourself at your Uncle Feliciano and crying. "May we see him?" He asked. She nodded and led you to the room where your father was kept.

Then she said
Daddy, daddy don't leave
I'll do anything to keep you
Right here with me
Can't you see how much I need you?

You enter the room where your father's golden brown eyes were dull; he was on a breathing machine with an IV strapped to his arm and several other machines helping him fight for his life. His room had an eerie silence, it was an ICU, and they brought him in after someone called 911 shortly after his accident. You walk to the side of his bed and take his hand. He turns to look at you, his eyes full of guilt.

"Il mio angelo, I wish I could-a stay more," He said, his voice laced with guilt.

You tilt your head, tears streaming down your face "Don't leave me please, I need you so much. I'll do anything, I'll bring up my grades, behave more, just please stay," You say between several sobs.

He chuckled "I wish it worked that-a way (name), I wish it worked that-a way," He breathed. He looked at your Uncle "Listen Feli, I don't want-a (name) living in that-a hell of a home, take-a her with Antonio," He said taking out a piece of paper and handing it to him.

"But I don't want to live with Zio Antonio!" You try to protest, you drop your voice to a whisper, it trembles as you speak "I want to live with you,"

Daddy, Daddy don't leave
The doctors are saying things they don't mean
They don't know what they talking 'bout
Somebody hear me out

He shook his head slowly "(name), you can't. The doctors said I only have-a minutes to live. I suffered much-a too many brain trauma and-a too many burns," He said.

"No! There lying! They don't mean it, there talking nonsense," You cry, "Right Uncle Feli?" You ask.

A single tear traced his cheek, "There right, (name). He can't make it," He told you quietly.

"No, your lying! You just want him gone too! You all do!" You screamed.

"(name), keep your voice down. I need to give you something I forgot to," He told you weakly. He reached over to the side table next to him and handed you a little black box.

Father, Listen
Tell him that he's gotta home
And he don't gotta go.
Father, Save him
I would do anything in return

"But Daddy, I want nothing more but you alive and well with me…I love you daddy," You say. You hug him as he hugs you back tightly. When you pull away, his amber orbs gaze lovingly into your [e/c] ones. He brushes a strand of your [h/c] hair and tucks a strand of your [h/c] hair behind your ear.

He chuckled, "You really are like-a me, persistent and hard-a headed on the outside, but on the inside, you are beautiful and kind," He said kissing the top of your head.

You cried, holding your father's hand tightly, "I love you daddy, I love you so much," you say, he wipes away your tears with his thumb.

"It's okay (name), I'll-a be with the angels, watching over you," he said.

I'll clean my room
Try hard in school
I'll be good I promise you
Father, father, I pray to you

"Please daddy, stay with me, I'll do anything, I need you, who is going to walk me down the aisle? Who will be the one to go to my graduation and say "That's daddy's little girl"? Who will be the one screaming my name the loudest during award assemblies?" You say.

"(name), I wish I could stay and do all those wonderful things with you, but I can't," He said.

You lower your head as you and your father pray in Italian. He looks up at your Uncle Feliciano, "You'll do all those things for my baby girl, right Feli?" He said. Your uncle could only choke down sobs and nod his head.

Please don't let him go
I'm begging you so
Let him open his eyes
Need a little more time
To tell him that I love more
Than anything in the world
Its Daddy's little girl~

The doctor walked into the room, a somber look in his eyes, "I'm afraid we have to take him off life support…" He said.

Your heart turned to lead; you grab the doctor and shake him "No! You can't do this! You have to save him! I need a little more time with him! Please!" You scream. He looked at you, his lips tightened.

"I'm sorry," he said walking over and turning off several machines. He pulls the plug on others as the monitor shows his heart rate drops.

"Daddy! Daddy, no!" you scream. He looked at you, his eyes full of guilt, but also a pinch of relief.

"(name), it's okay, it will all be okay," He reassured you. Okay? He was about to die!

Father, listen
Tell him that he's gotta home and he don't gotta go
Father, save him!
I would do anything return
I'll clean my room, try hard in school
I'll be good I promise you!
Father, Father

"(name), come here quickly," he urged you. You race over to him, tears in your eyes. He takes your black box from your hand and opens it. It's a beautiful golden necklace, it said " Daddy's Little Girl" in gold. He put if around your neck and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

"I have to go now, (name)." He tells you quietly.

Your voice trembled "I love you daddy, I'll improve with everything, I'll get my grades up, behave with Uncle Antonio, I'll clean my room, I'll make it into honor roll, you just watch me," You say planting a kiss on his forehead. You squeeze his hand once more before letting it go. He smiles at you.

"Ti amo (name)," He tells you, a single tear tracing his cheek

"I love you too daddy," You say.  He closed his eyes as you watch him, and a bright white light flashed. You saw to white forms standing in front of your father's bed, one ruffled your [h/c] hair and they flew away. You lower your head as tears escaped your eyes.

She was daddy's little girl, oh~
Song (Frankie J: Daddy's little girl)- [link]
The necklace in the video is what your necklace looks like
I was going to upload this yesterday but I was spending time with my dad so I had no time.
yes this was written in honor of fathers day
Similarties to anyone anyhow was not inteded
I'm sorry if I offened anyone

Romano, Italy, Spain belong to Hidekaz
Story, Plot, your Vital regions belong to :iconnaruhinaluvluvluv:
You belong to :iconsadromanoplz:
Song Belongs to Frankie J (C) 2007 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

Italian Guide
Zio: Uncle
Ti Amo: I love you
Il Mi angelo: My angel

This was just a side project, now back to work on all my requests :iconchinasulkplz:
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